About Charles B. Lewis Co.

Cargo ship loaded Charles B. Lewis Co. lift systems

1978 — Charles B. Lewis is recognized as inventor for Patented Hook.

1984 — Charles B. Lewis establishes the Charles B. Lewis Co., Inc. and improves on established pulp hook design with CBL-3.

1986 — Charles B. Lewis Co. adds larger throat hook to directly be compatible with its existing CBL-3 named the CBL-3L.

1989 — New features are added to CBL-3 & 3L to reduce down time for service.

1990 — Charles B. Lewis Co. creates the CBL-5WS & CBL-7WS web sling lumber hook one of first in the industry.

1991 — CBL-10WS web sling lumber hook is introduced.

1995 — CBL-3 & 3L are incorporate improved designs on swivel hook cap for less binding.

1996 — Charles B. Lewis untimely passing.

1997 — Machining processes are improved and pull testing from outside independent company is established.

2004 — CNC equipment is installed to produce products "in house" to insure the highest quality products on the market today.

2010 — Charles B. Lewis Co. establishes magnetic particle testing from outside independent company to insure hook surface integrity.

Present — Charles B. Lewis Co. continues to incorporate exacting changes without deterring from its original proven design. These include finer tolerances, independent pull testing & magnetic particle testing, and military grade coatings to name a few.

Mr. Lewis was a visionary that wanted to produce the best possible product and always to take into account the people actually using and servicing his equipment. That is why our philosophy is "Performance Through Simplicity".

Unfortunately, not all products are created equally and looks do not always provide performance. That is why as a manufacturer we take great pride in material quality, workmanship, and overall performance. To back this up we use independent testing instead of "in house" where results can often be influenced.