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CBL-5WS & CBL-7WS Features/Benefits

CBL top attachment cargo handling gear is designed for maximum ease of use. Offering high quality and rugged dependability, our equipment has proven itself in use worldwide.

CBL-5WS & 7WS Cargo Hooks are powered release hooks specifically designed for use with synthetic web slings up to 4 inches wide, making possible the semi-automatic handling of cargoes such as lumber, plywood and particle board.

The unique hook design enables easy, one-handed hookup of standard or irregular loads. The web sling is simply 'flipped' past the safety latch into the hook opening.

Capable of accepting both web strapping and wire rope cable, the spring-loaded retention latch positively retains the strap or cable. Once the load is stowed or landed, the hook is released by actuation of an internal pneumatic cylinder, or manually if required.

Hook Operation Rotatable hook piece is prevented from rotating down by rod of spring-loaded piston inserted into recess in hook. Operation of air cylinder pushes piston upwards against spring, lifting rod from seat in hook. Hook piece can then swing down (open). Unloaded hook can be manually removed by pushing spring-loaded retaining latch into recess within underside of body assembly, enabling hook to be slid off cargo cable or strapping.

Hook Specifications

Model Safe Working Load Safety Factor Proof Load Test Strap/Cable Capacity Hook Weight Air Requirements
CBL-5WS 5-Ton 5:1 22,000 lbs.
(10,000 Kg)
Flat: 4 in. (100 mm) wide
Cable: 1/4 in. (32 mm) dia.
25 lbs.
  (11.5 Kg)
0.6 cu in. @ 40 psi
  (2.5 cc @ 3 bar)
CBL-7WS 7-Ton 5:1 30,800 lbs.
(14,000 Kg)
Flat: 2 in. (51 mm) wide
Cable: 7/8 in. (22 mm) dia.
32 lbs.
(14.5 Kg)
0.6 cu in. @ 40 psi
(2.5 cc @ 3 bar)
Multiple hooks can be safely operated simultaneously by a single control valve in a remote location. Hooks are individually proof-load tested, and a Certificate of Proof Load provided.