About Charles B. Lewis Co.

1978 -

Charles B. Lewis is recognized as inventor for Patented Hook.

1984 -

Charles B. Lewis establishes the Charles B. Lewis Co., Inc. and improves on established pulp hook design with CBL-3.

1986 -

Charles B. Lewis Co. adds larger throat hook to directly be compatible with its existing CBL-3 named the CBL-3L.

1990 -

Charles B. Lewis Co. creates the CBL-5WS & CBL-7WS web sling lumber hook one of first in the industry.

1995 -

CBL-3 & 3L are incorporate improved designs on swivel hook cap for less binding.

1997 -

Pull testing from outside independent company is established.

2004 -

CNC equipment is installed to produce products "in house" to insure the highest quality products on the market today.

2017 -

Charles B Lewis company is purchased by Hertel Group with the sole focus of continuing the consistent quality of the CBL hooks into the distant future.

Present -

Charles B. Lewis Co. continues to incorporate exacting changes without deterring from its original proven design. These include finer tolerances, independent pull testing & magnetic particle testing, and military grade coatings to name a few.